5 Things Tourists Must Avoid For Living In A Better World

As travelling the world has become exponentially easier over the last few decades, the global markets have become trendier. Certain harmful traditional practices that are rooted in local cultures are exploited for getting tourist revenue, despite being glaringly antiquated.

Though there are a few aspects of preserving old cultural heritage, but a collective progress should be made towards a responsible and fair world.

Following are some examples of harmful tradition practices from around the world that tourists should avoid:

1. Bullfighting

Bullfighting is considered as a cruel sport because the bull is sometimes tortured to death only to amuse the audience. In this sport, a group of people enter in the ring and kills a bull slowly. They stab it with their swords while attempting to enrage it. A typical corrida (the fighting event) consists of 6 bulls being killed by 3 matadors. This event of butchery contrasts the recent and popular custom of animal killing in a humane manner.

2. Bear Baiting

Besides bull-fighting, a popular sport in Pakistan called ‘bear baiting’ is another example of inhumane animal killing. In this sport, young bears are caught from the wild and put through extreme pain before being prepared for their 1st fight. The canine teeth of these bears are broken, muzzles painfully pierced, and claws often removed before they are brought into the ring where they have to fight against several dogs. Most of the bears die in a result of such fights.

3. Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup has since a long time been a status symbol in many parts of Asia and a single bowl of soup may cost up to $2000 depending on the kind of shark fin used. The funny thing is, shark fin doesn’t have any nutritional value or any impact on flavor like chicken or ham broth. And for providing a distinctive dish to tourists and visitors, millions of sharks are brutally killed every year.

4. Riding Elephants

Sometimes, when tourists long for interaction with animals, they fail to realize that animals also need their space. One of the common examples of animal abuse in this regard is elephant riding. Elephants are tortured with bull hooks or electric pods to behave in a particular manner only to tourists’ entertainments. A very brutal training regime ‘phajaan’ captures young elephants, takes them away from their mothers and violently crushes their spirit unless they become submissive and follow instructions for tourist rides.

5. Buying Ivory Made Products

Souvenirs, the highlight of travelling are often a must-buy item from tourist spots. In frenzy of buying unique gifts, people often lose sight of the right and wrong things. However the international market for the ivory made products is causing some environmental problems.

The ivory comes from tusks of mammoths, elephants, narwhal and hippos. The population of these animals has plummeted because of ivory trade and therefore buying/selling of ivory is now declared to be illegal.

From buying products that are made from animal parts to seeing animals die a brutal death for joy, the tourists should know what kind of activities they should indulge in during their vacations and foreign trips because destroying animal population for the sake of fun will be nothing but harmful for humans also in the longer run.