Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes To Antique Jewellery

Antique jewelleries are difficult to take care of since they have been kept for so long and have been used so often that they can be easily damaged. There could be sudden accidents which may cause a permanent damage to your antique jewellery. This is why you must take some precautionary measures to care for your antique jewellery.

Don’t wear antique jewellery while doing housework

Antique jewellery is found to be sensitive and can easily get damaged if worn while doing house chores. A diamond for instance can split if hit too hardly. Emeralds, sapphire, aquamarines and opals can break if immersed in warm water. Long exposure to high intensity light can alter the colour of topaz and turquoise. Opals can shatter easily if they get exposed to heat. Pearls may lose their yellowish colour and can become dark if they get too dry i.e. when the wind is blowing. If the jewellery is made of copper or brass base then those can easily corrode if they get in contact with water.

Regularly check their fastenings and chain links

Before you wear them each time have a close look at their fastenings and chain links. In case you find them lose do not wear them for they may get loose and fall somewhere and you may not be able to find it. Before wearing a necklace look at its fastenings to see if hasn’t loosen because of prolong use. For bracelets look at its chain links to see if there is no opening in the tiny rings that binds the bracelet together.

Store them in an organized manner

If you have different types of gems then keep them in separate compartments. Store each jewellery piece in a separate small container so they do not get tangled together and break apart. Also, storing them all together can often result in scratches on the gems especially if those are diamonds. By organizing them according to their type you won’t have to keep searching for them all the time. Also, it would be ideal to add labels to your different jewellery.

Get them cleaned by an expert

Jewellery experts who work at the antique jewellery store have far more knowledge about antique jewelleries than you do. This is why it is better to get them cleaned by a professional so that you can avoid any kind of mishap. Professionals usually have the right cleaning tools for antique jewellery hence you are guaranteed a safe cleaning service.

Your antique jewellery must be kept at a place where you can see if often. This will allow you to keep an eye on any kind of alteration in the color or look of your jewellery and get them repaired as soon as possible. It is also necessary that your antique jewellery is kept in a moderate environment. The place should not be damp and nor there be a high exposure of sunlight and heat. With proper care your antique jewellery for years.