Addressing Offensive Odour Problems Through BIOLOGIC SR2

CCC Chemicals is Canada’s chemical supplier who is now going to offer BIOLOGIC SR2. This will act as a solution to offensive odours that are produced in production facilities and plants. We can say that it is going to a biological as well as an environmentally sustainable solution.

It is an ideal solution for food waste receptacles, food waste and composting problems, garbage trucks, wastewater plants, transfer stations, pumping stations, landfills, yard waste. One of the major issues in these and other types of industries is that when solid and dissolved organic products degrade they produce an odour. It turns out to be a problematic situation for the organization, their employees, operators, nearby neighbours and property owners.

Solid and dissolved organic waste degrades with the help of bacteria. There are three types of bacteria that assist in the degradation process, facultative bacteria, anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria. The degradation process also results in producing other gases. When degradation occurs anaerobically, the methane producing bacteria and sulphur reducing bacteria compete together for dissolved organic compounds. This results in the production of hydrogen sulphide or methane and hydrogen as their waste products. In turn, a lot of obnoxious smell is produced which can annoy neighbouring property owners and can also cause discomfort for employees working in the organization. It can even lessen the performance level of the employees. Hence CCC Chemicals introduced BIOLOGIC SR2.

BIOLOGIC SR2 is a micronutrient that comes from a plant. It assists in stimulating aerobes and anaerobes in inhibiting sulphur and ammonia enzymes and bacteria from being produced. BIOLOGIC SR2 can be added to solid and liquid waste streams through different delivery techniques. It comprises of trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Moreover, it also biodegradable with an almost zero carbon footprint for diminishing obnoxious smells. BIOLOGIC SR2 can also improve the performance and capability of bio-filters and wet scrubbers. This plant based micronutrient can also enhance system performance, diminish lagoon odour, neutralize and oxidize non-point, airborne source odorous compounds and decrease the operating costs. BIOLOGIC SR2 provides immediate payback because of which it has reduced and eliminated odours in organic material processing facilities, bio-solid processing facilities, landfill sites, transfer stations, bio-gas digesters, tipping floor, garbage rooms and municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

BIOLOGIC SR2 is so far the only solution through which offensive odours at various industries can be treated. With the use of this plant based micronutrient, industries can assure safety for the employees and neighbouring property owners as well as for their surrounding environment.

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