Upcoming Plays At The Prithvi Theatre

Having to watch televisions and videos online makes us get quite bored. Watching the same old tv serials isn’t quite fun. If this is the case with you then it is time to get out of your house and head to the Prithvi Theatre to watch some fun filled plays.

Indian Ensemble’s – Muktidham

Dates: 4th and 5th February 2017

Muktidham is set in the 8th century at a time when Pala kings were ruling Beerpur (a fictional name). The Pala kings ruled the east and a huge part of northern India. They were Buddhists and at that period Buddhism was soon to get extinct. The story is based on the Hundu temple town surrounded by Buddhists and the protagonist in this play is a man named ‘Agnivesh.’ He is a scholar. The head of the temple, Nath Nand will soon be retired to the Muktidham in order to die and achieve salvation. The story revolves around the idea of fighting against Buddhism and the conflict of opening the temple to people belonging to the lower caste.

Rung Pune’s – Hero

Date:  7th February 2017

Hero is a play with an interesting plot. The main character in this play is a boy who is crazily in love with a girl but this girl only want to marry someone who will be like Amitabh Bachan. In the pursuit of trying to the girl’s heart the boy starts impersonating as the ‘angry young man.’ This new behaviour makes him a star in his village but confusion hits when he doesn’t knows whether to remain himself or become someone else.

Theatre Dilse’s – Chitthi

Date: 8th February 2017

In this play the main character Manisha is an illiterate who is trying to save her marriage. Her marriage can only be saved if she learns to read. She is a responsible wife and finds no reason to get education at an age when everything is settled in her life. She is also embarrassed and fears other women who might talk behind her back for pursuing education at such an age. She feels shy to be sitting in a classroom. Then comes a young and beautiful lady in her life who asks about her husband after knocking at her doorstep. She then leaves a letter for Manisha’s husband. This makes Manisha suspicious and changes her life instantly. Her husband is already acting very different in the house and now this. Then Manisha’s friend does more to fuel the fire. The only way Manisha can read the letter is through educating herself. Will Manisha pass every hurdle in order to learn to read?

Ideas Unlimited’s – Karl Marx in Kalbadevi

Date: 10th February 2017

Karl Marx makes a comeback and is in the opportunity to talk out his mind in Mumbai about economics, politics and philosophy. Unfortunately, no one has time to listen to him. Finally he gets a chance through a comic mix up. Will this creative idea of Karl Marx succeed?

So now there is no more getting bored at home because you have the option to entertain yourself outside your home as well.