5 Places In China That Tourists Need To Discover

Glass sky walk at Tianmenshan Tianmen Mountain China

China is a large country that receives tourists from various parts of the world. We are all already impressed by The Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. But as much as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City is travelled to by tourists, it’s about time that these 5 places in China get visited by tourists as well.

City of Canals: Suzhou 

Let’s call Suzhou the Venice of China because of its enchanting canals, arched foot bridges and the picturesque effects of threading waterways through cityscapes. The scenario when viewed by your own eyes will remain unforgettable for years to come. Along with Suzhou’s attractive canals, this historical city is popular for being home to more than 50 classical gardens out of which 9 are recognized by UNESCO.

Step Back in Time: Shangli

You can fall into a slow pace of life by visiting Shangli. You can view the town’s famous eight stone bridges and its historic architecture. You can even find mini shops in Shangli where local artisanal wares are being sold. The route to this city along the Silk Road is still rarely visited by tourists from Western countries but should be included in your list when visiting China.

Origin of Chinese Civilization: Xi’an

Xi’an is known to be the birthplace of Chinese Civilization and has its history dated back to more than 7000 years ago. This ancient imperial capital is the Eastern departure spot of the historic Silk Road trade route. It is also home to the renowned Terracotta Warriors. Jetbay organizes a 3 day Xi’an Traditional Culture Experience in which you get the chance to trace the roots of 13 various dynasties, visit the famous warriors and explore local cuisines.

City of Flowers: Panyu

Panyu is the wild, colourful and cultivated city of China, hence known as the City of Flowers. Beautiful gardens identify this historic city in the Pearl River Delta. In Panyu, you can explore the mesmerising Yu Yin Shan Fang Qing dynasty garden and the picturesque Canton and Lingnan style Bap Mo Garden. You can also visit the largest sunflower park in the world in Panyu if visit it in the right season. The beautiful Guangzhou Panya Sunflower Garden will win your heart in first glance.

Witness The Tea Culture: Meijiawu

It doesn’t matter if tea is your favourite drink but it matters a lot to China hence you ought to visit Meijiawu. Here you can observe how tea revolves around this city’s life. You will find the lush fields of Longjing tea plantations. You will also learn the traditions of tea production and consumption. There is the well-known Dragon Well Tea and many other tea houses which totals to more than 160. You can even avail this opportunity to try some of the local tea food for a change.

Being the a large country, China has a lot to offer it’s visitors so why just limit yourself to a few popular cities. Why not pick a different trail and set an example for other tourists.