Biannual Compton Creek & Bike Trail Cleanup Held By california recycling

California's recycling

California’s recycling

California’s recycling On October 22nd 2016, World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon held the biannual Compton Creek and Bike Trail cleanup. World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon is known to be California’s leading recycler of used motor oil and antifreeze.

The campaign took place on a Saturday between the timings of 8 AM to 12 PM and community residents were encouraged to participate in this event along with their family and friends. Those already part of this event were the employees of World Oil and DeMenno-Kerdoon and the council member named Tana McCoy. They picked up the trash leftover objects from the bike trail and along the creek. In order to encourage more volunteers the company had provided free breakfast, lunch and snacks to all those who were participating in the campaign. Plus, high school attenders were awarded with community service credit. California’s recycling

 California’s recycling

The event began with volunteers meeting up behind Compton High School and there was also parking available for especially the volunteers at 417 Alonda Blvd.

According to World Oil, the best ways to conserve the world’s soon to be extinct resources is to recycle. They have over 40 years of environmental leadership in Los Angeles. They receive, treat and store various waste materials that can be lethal. These waste materials include; oily waste water, used oil, used oil filters, waste gasoline, fuels, paint related waste and used antifreeze. They believe that recycling is the best way to give back to the community. They have continually being supporting local environmental and educational programs.

The two Co-CEOs of the company said, “World oil has always made giving back to the community a top priority.” The also added, “we partner with Compton to put on this cleanup campaign.  It is our way of demonstrating our appreciation for the local residents of this city as well as a way to show respect for the environment.”

The organization was founded by Bernard Roth in 1938. He was 22 years old when he had opened his first gas station on the corner of Florence and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles. He used to offer gas at low prices with a slogan, “We don’t wash your windows. We just sell you gas for less.” Roth always believed in doing the right thing and that is how he was able to build a business with a unique idea. It has been over 75 years and now World Oil is California’s one of the largest private companies. His sons now operate the business by carrying forward their parent’s legacy. The company now recycles’, transports and manufactures important petroleum based and related products. They are doing a tremendous job in coming up solutions for our communities, the environment and our shared future.California’s recycling

If more organizations come up with a plan to recycle the waste materials produced by humans we will succeed in conserving more of this earth’s depleting resources. logo design services company Moreover, if more people can be educated about recycling and why it is so important we are sure to see our environment becoming better in the years to come.