5 ways to save money on your holiday

Vacation may bring a sense of pleasure, comfort and relaxation but at the same time it also makes you think of all the expenses and limitations with respect to your budget. There are many ways by which you can spend money in an efficient way during your trip, all you have to do is keep an eye on packages and tips before you set out planning for a trip. Here is a guide that will give you 5 ways to save your money on your holiday.

  1. Choose your trip dates wisely

Fares for different trips vary greatly depending on the time of your trip. Usually fares during the start of summer or winter holidays are quite high, you’ll find flights at double rates and with less and less number of seats each passing day. So, in such cases it is best that you should plan your trip in the latest dates possible for instance the end of August or start of September would be suitable and will have comparatively cheaper rates than those in start. Similarly, like the flight rates hotel rates also vary and bookings at the end of season are cheaper than usual.

  1. Do a proper research for price comparison.

In case you haven’t booked your trip with a travel agent and planning it independently then you have to be extra careful and smart about choosing trip packages. Using price and fare comparison websites to take an overview of present rates is always a good idea, just like you skim through market before any product same approach is recommended when planning a holiday. One thing that should be kept in mind that not all cheap packages are good you should not be blindly attracted to cheap packages instead take a look at facilities they are providing and then compare. For instance, there is a hotel offering 5 night stay that is quite cheap on the other hand another hotel offers 5 night stay at 30% higher rates than the former one but they have breakfast and meal included, also there is WiFi facility in all hotel rooms and the former hotel lacks these facilities than the second one is better for sure.

  1. Weigh your luggage

Heavier luggage always causes problem, so keep in mind that with lighter bags you won’t have to worry about lifting them up on trolleys and then dropping off the trolleys, there won’t be long baggage weighing processes. Those who travel frequently would know that taking care of your luggage on airports is quite a job also if your bags exceed the provided limit then it is really a problem as they ask you to take out things and meet the mark.

  1. Travel overnight

To be honest many people can take a good nap on board or when in coaches etc. Such people should definitely take advantage of their habit and book trains and coaches for overnight journeys this way you can save money in two ways; one, overnight travels are usually cheaper, two, you won’t have to pay for a hotel room just to sleep.

  1. Prefer Coaches over trains

There are many routes that are offered by trains and coaches both. Coaches these days are quite comfortable, equipped with all necessities so in case you can afford a little more time on road then go for coaches as their fare is cheaper than trains.