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The Best Car Shopping Advice You Will Ever Get

When it comes to buying a car we are always up for some good advice. After all no one should hurry in buying a car and end up wasting their money on something that does not matches their demand.

Here are some of the top tips for car shopping from the experts in the field.

Refine your search

Search exactly for what you are looking. Many websites, such as craigslist allows you to configure their search results which includes, private seller or dealer. Dealer listings are handy when warranty, certified pre-owned status or convenience, are on top of your list of car shopping. On the other hand, if you know the exact model of the car that you want to buy and the price you would pay for it then you have that option as well. You can add those criteria to your search. This way the offerings that you will find on the search results will be narrowed down thus showing only what you need to see and saving your time.

Understand the seller

When reading advertisement read the wordings of the seller carefully to find anything that is fishy. There could be a hidden meaning in the ad through which the seller might be hiding something about the car. Also, carefully observe the picture used in the ad to see if it is not some image of a car downloaded from the internet.

Get details first

Once you find the right seller give them a call first. Get all the details within that phone call. A phone call is not just to get your queries answered by the seller but it is also for you to pick certain characteristics of the seller. Observe if the seller is hesitant in their answers, if they are talking too fast to convince you or if they seem composed and confident.

Deciding your meet-up location

You will have to decide upon a location that will be common for you and the seller. Also, see that the location will be good enough for you to test the car. Along with that, always meet up at a spot where there will be a lot of foot traffic where so safety can be assured.

Do a thorough inspection

When taking it for a spin do a thorough inspection of the car. Make sure how smoothly it runs, the fuel consumption within that short time you drove and all the other aspects that you have in your mind for your car.


It is always a good idea to try and negotiate from the seller. You never know how much desperate the seller might be to sell their car.

During the exchange

The best location for car exchange is your personal bank. The money can be drawn directly from there and along with that you can have a notary public from the bank’s staff to witness the signatures and exchange of the car.

Make sure that you have clarified all your queries before the payment and don’t hesitate to contact the seller if you come across a problem soon after the purchase. After all you would have paid a heavy price for it.