Top Places to See in Miami

Miami is one of the popular places in United States, it is present on the southeast side of Florida Peninsula. Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach separate it from Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the top most tourist attractions in the world because of the pleasant weather and presence of a chain of beaches. These attractions not only call tourists from all over the country but also from all around the world. People who love beaches and sea water are highly advised to visit Miami and fall in love with its amazing sights and attractions. Here is a list of places to see in Miami;

  1. Miami Beach

This area is a little outside Miami connected with a series of bridges, the area is quite expensive as it is a pure tourist spot lined up with restaurants, shops and hotels. The most important street in this area are the Ocean Drive that houses buildings from 1930’s and is home to beautiful Art Deco Buildings.

  1. Miami Children Museum

Miami Children Museum is a platform for interaction with children whether it be for educational purposes or for arts and entertainment. It helps children to learn about the culture and community and helps in satisfying their curiosity.

  1. Zoo Miami

The zoo in Miami is habitat to more than 2000 animals who are not caged and free to roam around, this gives it an effect of safari and visitors enjoy the feel of being among the wildlife but with all possible safety measures. The zoo isn’t that big but still attracts a lot of tourists.

  1. South Beach

One of the popular sections of Miami beach is the South Beach. It attracts a lot of locals and tourists during the summer season for all kind of beach activities.

  1. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

If you want to experience the ancient architectures of Miami, then Vizcaya Museum is one of the places you should definitely visit. The estate was home of James Deering, an industrialist from 20th century. It has 34 rooms that are arranged in fashion around central courtyard. It is filled with European furniture and art pieces from 15th to 19th Century.

  1. Art Deco District

It is a wonderful sight that will stay with you forever the pastel colored buildings with neon signs face the ocean and provide a great view to the on lookers. This district present in Ocean Drive.

  1. Bayside Market Place

A mall at the waterfront of a city sounds amazing right? Well Bayside Market place is just that as the name suggest the mall is built on Miami’s water front from where the tour boats leave. Visitors from all around the world come here just to enjoy the sight and to bask in the happenings around them.


There are many more tourist spots in Miami which you shouldn’t miss. One thing is guaranteed that if you are planning your vacations in Miami then it is a 101% chance that it won’t get wasted and you wil surely enjoy the beautiful city.