Find Excellent Discounted Hotel Rates With Sears Vacations

Who doesn’t loves free resources to save money when they are planning for travel. The search for the right accommodation can be very stressful. Also, if you are a travel freak then you will always be on a lookout for cheap hotels.

Sears Vacations is a free hotel search engine which guarantees low priced hotel accommodations. Their promise is that you won’t be able to find any lower rates on any third party booking site than on Sears Vacations. There is as much as 39% discount and that can save a tremendous amount of money for your other travelling activities.

Save money when making hotel reservations with insider pricing

Start with signing up for a free membership on Sears Vacations. You won’t find discounted price if you search for hotels without signing up. The prices will be similar to any other third party booking site. By signing up you will receive immediate access to their Insider Pricing. Along with that, you will receive $100 in savings credit. Savings credit will allow you to avail Insider pricing rates.

You can get more savings credit by signing up to their regular newsletter which will provide you more opportunities to earn savings credit. The savings credit can be used to redeem for hotels anywhere in the world with no restrictions that some of the third booking sites have.

How to use Sears Vacations search engine?

The Sears Vacations search engine is quite user friendly and you won’t find any difficulty in exploring around. After logging in to your account you can start searching for the hotels. If you have experience with using other travel booking sites then you won’t have any problem in using Sears Vacations.

Sears Vacations is a perfect place to even do your last minute bookings because it will present you with tons of search results to choose from. There are approximately 30 000 or more hotels and resorts around the world so it is unlikely that you won’t find one to the destination you are heading. Sears Vacations will bring you the best results so you won’t have to worry about ending up in an expensive restaurant. The reservation process is also quite simplified so you can easily find your way around this search engine.

What more should you know about Sears Vacations?

Along with the best prices, you will also find a good amount of information about each hotel that comes in the search result. There will also be reviews and photos from TripAdviser which will help you make a better decision. It is advisable to do a thorough research of the hotel you are planning to make reservations for by searching about it on Google.

Sears Vacations also has a responsive customer service. They can reached on Twitter or on their customer support line. Along with that, you can book cruises to make your trip more adventurous.

Whoever has used Sears Vacations have been delighted about it. It make seems like people will be using it for long term and so should you in order to ease your travel preparations.