A Guide For Buying The Perfect Cocktail Dress For Different Body Types

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The perfect cocktail dress for the body shape is often hard to find but following are a few tips, based on body shapes that will help in selection of just the perfect cocktail dress quite easily:

Pear Shaped

If the lower body is slightly bigger than the upper body, it is said to have a pear shaped body just like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. For this body type, strapless dresses are ideal to show off slender shoulders and therefore taking attention off lower body.

Emphasize on the upper body by eye-catching details. A dress with halter neck will help in balancing the wider hips and slander shoulders. Besides, a low-plunging neckline will draw attention to upper body. Along with the perfect cocktail dress, it is ideal for women with pear shaped bodies to adorn statement necklaces and wear other jewelry like earrings or nose pins to keep attention on face.

Inverted Triangle

Women with inverted triangle body shapes have larger bust, broad shoulders and slender legs and hips. Women with this body shape can create an illusion of hourglass figure by adding volume to their hips and therefore drawing attention away from their upper body.

Cocktail dresses having V necklines will suit this body shape. Plus, women with inverted triangle body shape can also go for sweetheart necklines for creating an illusion of narrow shoulders. Similarly, dresses with cap sleeves and spaghetti straps can also be sported. What should be avoided include full sleeve dresses and strapless dresses as they make the shoulders prominent.

The Hourglass Shape

Women having hips and bust equally proportioned along with a waist which is defined clearly have an hourglass figure. All women strive for this shape and those who are born with it, should consider themselves lucky.

As for the cocktail dresses, women with this kind of body shape should avoid high-necklines because they make the shoulders and bust look too heavy. Looking for the dresses that narrow down along the waist and end just above knees is a good idea for such women. Besides, strapless tops, wrap dresses and flared skirts also look good on women with an hourglass body shape.

Rectangular Shaped (boyish)

Athletic and slender just as Sarah Jessica Parker, women with rectangular body shapes do not have curves to hide. And therefore, they can create and illusion of feminine physique by selecting cocktail dresses which imply curves.

Most of the dresses basically bang better on girls/women who have smaller busts, so having a rectangular body is also a good thing. A cocktail dresses having sweetheart or scooped necklines may add curves to the upper body. Whereas dresses with ruffled tops, collars and other detailing around bust may also help enhance the upper body.

Apple Shaped

Women with apple shaped bodies usually have fuller busts and little extra weight around waist. Women with this body type should avoid shapeless and loose fitted dresses. Cocktail dresses made out of soft fabrics are a good choice. Wrap dresses that emphasize the bust may help in taking attention off the waist. Besides, selection of dark shades and bold colors also help in giving out illusion of a flatter belly.