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A Room-By-Room Guide For Managing Natural Light In Home

There are multiple advantages of natural light. Natural light is not only beneficial for making moods better and to escape the feeling of dullness and darkness. Besides being good for health, natural light can complement the paint-job in rooms and also adds a larger look to the entire space. Though natural light is essential for most of the parts of a home, there should be a plan worked out to manage the lighting. First of all, homeowners should consider the following factors:

  •  Which rooms they want to block light in
  • Certain window fixtures for ensuring privacy
  • The overall look and style of the room

Therefore, it is a good idea to take up a room-by-room approach for managing natural light in home. Following are a few tips and points that should be taken into consideration while working on a home improvement project to enhance the look of house.

Go For Verticals In Living Room

Affordable, easy to clean, and durable, the vertical blinds are best for any living room. Unlike some intricate window fixtures, the vertical blinds are easy to be managed and can easily be adjusted to let in enough light or block it completely when required. As compared to the pricier treatments that need an exclusive cleaning process (like curtains), vertical blinds are ideal if the home is a little prone to accumulation of dust. Blinds also allow the homeowner to control the light coming into living room because many people love having natural light during day time in the living rooms while reading a book but want to avoid it when watching a television due to glare for instance.

Block Out The Bedroom

Blocking out light at night time in bedroom is a very important thing to do. Especially for optimizing the quality of sleep, light from outside should be completely blocked. Besides, it is essential for privacy reasons also. The best solution for bedrooms particularly would be curtains, black-out blinds or drapes. Provided that it matches with the overall theme and style of the room the darker colors are better choices for blocking light.

Privacy In Bathroom

Having some peace of mind in bathroom is what everybody wants however, it does not mean that there should be no passage for natural light to reach in the bathroom. Being a homeowner, a person can get a balance between the two factors by installing roller blinds or cellular shades which usually boast lighter fabrics for filtering and also keep anybody from looking inside. It should be kept in mind that a mold resistant fabric is chosen for the shade provided the amount of moisture which builds up due to baths and especially hot showers.

Curtains For The Kitchen

Depending on different styled homes, kitchens often are included in all other categories although kitchens may incorporate some kind of drapes or curtains. Some people want to have an ability to look outside window as they cook but at the same time, do not want people from outside to have a peek inside the window. Provided that they are easy-to-reach when it’s cleaning time, light weight curtains would be good for most homes.