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5 Fascinating Movie Inspired Garden Arrangements

Movies have usually inspired us to attempt and attain remarkable things. Such as achieving our goals, following the fashion style of a character or decorating your home according to a movie’s theme. In case you want to arrange your garden into something unique, and you are all out of options, here are five ideas you could borrow from these well-known films.


It surely doesn’t matter whether or not you’ll use Jack Clayton’s 1974 model or you’re going to resort to more recent Baz Luhrman’s take on the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s magnum opus. In both situations you may need to emulate the look of the “Roaring Nineteen Twenties.” You can attain this by adding one or two white pergolas. A few antique searching outdoor fixtures, and a few more elements like, gramophone, to help you give the exact look. Grow a few trees. Create hedges surrounding the small fountain and your lawn will be ready for one of the wild events that we saw in the movies.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro’s darkish fairy tale is surely a visual masterpiece. It additionally features one superb labyrinth so if you have a fascination for creepy and melancholic styles then there is no doubt that you should follow this movie. You will require one massive labyrinth and add a few gloomy center pieces like dead tree or wiped out fountain. Paint the shed and other garden object in bleak colours, add a few fable inspired details, and you’ll have your very own El laberinto del fauno.

Crouching Tiger and Hidden DragonO

You could use the idea of, “House of the Flying Daggers.” Both of these movies’ iconic fight took place in bamboo forests, so you can dedicate a part of your garden for growing this plant. The other areas could be populated with beautiful Easter Asian elements, consisting of Asian plant life, suitable furnishings, small fountains, more than one cherry trees, and an Asian-inspired pergola. If you can add few eastern statues or even weapon replicas, you will nail the entire look.

Edward Scissorhands

Begin with the landscaping by making your personal hedge sculptures. It will give your garden a unique look. You can create a more similar look with the odd combination of ambitious shades (red, blue, yellow) 1970’s fixtures, and a few colourful perennials.

Lord of the Jewellery and The Hobbit Trilogy


A huge part of your garden’s identity will rely on making few of “Shireish” shed or patio.  So if you managed to do that then you will already have gotten the majority of the process accomplished. The rest of the work will encompass making a few simplistic wooden furnishings and a rocking chair, planting loads of vibrant flora, and overlaying every achievable surface with thick grass.

So this is how you can steal the 5 iconic movie ideas for your garden arrangement. We hope that we have at least stimulated you to revisit your film collection and find something to match your taste.