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7 Most Essential Questions To Ask From The Wedding Venue For Bride And Groom-To-Be

While there are a million other things that are going through the bride-to-be and groom-to-be’s mind but deciding about the venue is the most important one. Though many things including venue can be arranged by others but there are certain things that the couple should talk about with the organizers at venue. Some of the important questions that should be asked include:

1. Is The Venue Available For The Desired Wedding Date?

It is indeed the most obvious and first-to-be asked question. There are two important aspects of this question:

If the couple has picked up a date first then they can survey various wedding venues and pick the one that they like and is available for their date.

However, if the couple wants to get married at a special venue that they dream of, they should immediately visit the venue and ask for the available dates and plan their wedding accordingly.

2. The Accommodation

The bride and groom-to-be must make a list of guests to be invited at the event and inquire the wedding venue accordingly. It is of no use if the couple plans to invite 50-60 people but select a venue that can accommodate 300 people. This way, it will not only be more costly for unnecessary decorations to fill up the empty spaces but waste of resources as well. Therefore, accommodation is an important element for deciding a wedding venue.

3. Venue Access Timings

No matter what the venue’s website says, most of the time the actual situation is different. Therefore it is strongly recommended for the couple to go through all the policies regarding usage of the location and the timings for its access especially.

4. Facility Of A Room For Bride

The brides hates running around on their wedding day. So, it is better to ask the wedding venue whether they provide the facility of a room for bride where she can get ready prior to the ceremony

5. Music Arrangements

What is a wedding without beautiful music. Many couples plan on getting their favorite songs played or hire a band for live music. Therefore, it is essential for the couple to ask the venue about music options and whether they can make arrangements for playing their CDs and etc.

6. The Catering Services

Some couples want particular menu for their big day and that too from their favorite caterers. However, certain venues do not allow catering from outside therefore the couple must make sure to discuss the catering options with the wedding venue beforehand.

7. The Wedding Cake Stand

Sadly, some wedding venues do not provide wedding cake stands and if the topic is left ignored, it might create problems on the final day. Therefore, the couple must make sure that they ask the venue about wedding cake stands and ask them to arrange if possible.

Besides, there are many other things like timings of the venue, buffet charges, bar timings, and etc that need to be asked before any couple decides to get married at a certain venue. So it is always a good idea to make a list of all the possible questions in a notepad and ask them when the couple visits the wedding venue for booking.