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7 Healthy Eating Habits That All Diabetic Patients Should Adopt

Eating right and healthy is not just limited to diabetes or others who are suffering from any diseases but for everybody in general.

Some people say that eating more will help stay healthy however it is a wrong concept. What’s important is eating just the right kind of food and that too in the right quantity. Therefore, especially for diabetic patients, following are a few guidelines for maintaining a healthy diet.

1. Add Variety To Food

The goal should be to eat a vast variety of foods but among and within the basic groups of foods while staying within calories needed. It means that the diabetic patients should make their calorie counts and select foods that are rich with minerals and vitamins. It is discouraged to use up the calories on foods that are high in fats and sugar.

2. Increase Water Intake

By increasing the water intake diabetic patients can achieve better detoxification results. Therefore, if diagnosed with diabetes, the patients should develop a routine of drinking certain number of glasses of water each day to stay fit and healthy.

3. Only Eat Calories Which Can be burnt

It is very essential for diabetic patients to be watchful of their weight and calorie count for each day. Therefore, only such amount of calories should be consumed that can be easily burnt through exercising. Fasting for shedding off weight is a myth and therefore should not be relied upon. Diabetic patients should only exercise for weight reduction.

4. Include Vegetables And Fruits In Diet

Make sure to incorporate a big portion of fruits and vegetables like beans in diet for promoting well-balanced bloodstream glucose levels. Fresh vegetable juices should be preferred over sweet fruit juices because vegetable juices have low sugar concentration.

5. Avoid Oily And Fried Items

The diabetic patients should also minimize or if possible cut down entirely their consumption of fried and oily food items like fried chicken, beef, and etc. Over use of the fried beef and chicken items produces the accumulation of the fatty chemicals in human body. Therefore, instead of choosing the fried items, diabetic patients should opt for steamed or baked meat with less oil.

6. Take Foods With Low Glycemic Index

The diabetic patients are often suggested to consume food products that have low glycemic index instead of those with higher values. Food items like lentils, kidney beans and soybeans are some of the best examples of foods with very low glycemic index.

7. Hold The Salt

No matter how tasteless the food might appear to a diabetic person, they should at all costs minimize their consumption of salt. Diabetic patients can explore their options and opt for food items that require less salt for including them in their diet. Because of the already existing risk of heart diseases, the sodium intake for diabetic patients should not exceed 2,300 mgs a day, meaning just a teaspoon of salt.

All these are just the most common habits that all diabetic patients should adopt in order to lead a healthier life however, the diabetic patients must consult their doctors for a proper food and nutrition guide to adopt in accordance to their existing health conditions.