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6 Best Ideas For Dressing Up Your Home’s Windows

Dressing up of windows is as essential as buying furniture for each and every room in the house. The window curtains must compliment the overall look of the entire space. Therefore, following are a few ideas that can be used for selection of just the right dressing for windows.

1. Use The Wave Heading

Sot fabric waves create a very simple but smart finish that is easy on the eyes. A big tempo heading pleat lets the curtains fall in regular and soft waves and so they always look perfect. It can also be teamed up with a modern and sleek suspension rail below which the curtains glide and it lets the curtains sit beautifully on floor making them look neat open.

2. Use Double Pole

A smart double pole design enables the hanging of both the sheer and curtain around bay window. However, both can be drawn independently. The brackets usually come in the curtain rings’ way when being pulled around bay, but the double pole design uses the passing rings which allow curtains to be separately drawn. The standard heading tape is left un-gathered on both of the curtains to give it an informal and soft effect. The sheers can be kept sill-length to give a neat finish or floor-length for creating a more sophisticated look.

3. Use Pelmet

For giving a contemporary look to the traditional finish of curtains, a small pelmet which compliments any of the colors in the curtains can be selected. It will give a very sophisticated finish to bay window and also will enable covering up of the plain curtain track behind the pelmet. It can also be teamed up with curtains in pinch pleat heading which creates regular gathers and give out an almost equal understated effect. When the curtains need to be drawn, all that is needed is a holdbacks’ pair which matches the pelmet.

4. Use 4 Single Curtains

This idea is great for creating a unique and trendy style which is different from the traditional single curtains. For hanging 4 curtains, a pair of them can be hung centrally while the other two can be hung one each side. a flat-faced pole having metal finish is in itself a good feature along with which a suspension-rail system can be used for gathering fabric neatly below the flat-faced pole. Also, place a holdback for every curtain 2/3rd of the way up window, so that the curtains can easily be draped across top side of window when they are drawn open. For giving it a more lavish look, allow enough of length of curtains’ fabric so that they can pool on floor and look ravishing.

5. Use Curtains And Blinds

The easiest way of dressing up a bay is roll-up blinds. Select an eye-catching bold-pattern and opt for a complementing plain fabric for back side of the blinds in order to make it look good from outside as well. Combine it with a striking pole around bay with narrow dress curtains on each side. This style adds an overall soft framing effect to the window.

6. Use Leading Edge

The curtains with leading edge are the real show stoppers. The contrasting fabric from back side of curtain continues to front side, while simple holdbacks let even more of this fabric to be on display when curtains are open. For keeping all the attention on curtains themselves, use simple pencil pleat along with a non-fussy pole.

Picking up any of the above mentioned style is ideal for all common and special areas of house from living room to the drawing and dining room. However, the choice of colors, patterns and combinations should be made in accordance with the room’s décor and theme.