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5 Post-Workout Routines That Help Maximize A Workout’s Effect

Post-workout recovery is a very important, yet overlooked aspect of fitness routines. After any tango with a treadmill or a bout with barbells, enacting a post-exercise period for recovery or a cool-down phase is just as essential as the workout itself; regardless of the fact if somebody is focusing on their lower body, arms, or six-packs.

Often, people haste out of gym as soon as their exercises complete but while doing so, they miss out on the opportunity to give their body a crucial TLC. It has been proved by researches, people who opt for stretching and cool down exercises after workouts, achieve more benefits from it. Therefore, following are a few measures that should be adopted and practiced after each and every workout.

1. Cool-down exercise

As soon as a person drops the dumbbell on their last set, or end their last mile on treadmill or track, instead of stopping completely, they should cool down a little. There is a variety of ways that can help bringing the heart rate down. Engage in a few stretching and yoga poses, however many people opt for a light jog, or a walk. It actually depends on the person, however everybody should make sure that they are taking 10 to 15 minutes for properly bringing their workout to an end.

2. Stretch

Many experts and trainers advise going straight into stretching from the phase of cool-down, though sometimes they are the same thing. If a person does not want to hop on a treadmill for 10 minutes, a focused stretching routine might just be what they need. Stretching may help in reducing lactic acid build-up, and will help in building mobility and flexibility altogether.

3. Foam Rolling

Many people who workout are familiar with the foam rolling because once somebody tries it, it sticks with them. For the uninitiated, many fitness buffs suggest the usage of foam rollers. It works out any knots or ‘kinks’ that anybody can have after an intense workout session. It also helps in soothing the fatigued muscles after workouts. However, it can be done before initiating a workout session as well. Though it feels like a little orthodox, but giving it a try can work wonders for the recovery time.

4. Drink Water

It is very obvious, but sometimes people sound reluctant to adopt this habit. Simply drink water- rehydration can prove to be the most essential element of post-workout routines because a person cannot recover if they are dehydrated. After heavy sweating, the reserves water and other resources become deficient and the body simple requires a little hydration.

5. Track Progress

Tracking progress has never been an easy task when it comes to workout sessions. There are many smartphone applications and devices like FitBit along with new gadgets like Apple Watch to help out people with tracking their progress. Keeping track of exercises done in each workout session helps people knowing how much they have worked out and how much more is needed in future sessions. Therefore, it is a must to keep track of workout sessions every day.

The importance of post-workout routines cannot be denied, therefore the above mentioned things should be included in the daily workout schedules.