5 Major Reasons Why Automatic Transmissions Are Popular In Amercia

It is not a surprise that automatic transmissions are gaining huge popularity across America in today’s time. Though some people prefer sticking to manual ones, following are the main reasons why many opt for automatic vehicles.

1. Automatic Transmissions Are Easy

Automatics are very easy to handle. an example explains the point fully; when somebody as a dishwasher installed in the kitchen, they would not want to wash dishes on their own but instead invest that time in something that gives pleasure. Likewise, when somebody has an option to keep their right hand free while driving a car so that they can tune into their favorite radio station or grab a coffee, they would not want to drive a manually operated car.

2. It’s For Grown Ups

The manual transmissions were considered cool when college students drove them on their campuses but that is not the case anymore. The concept of automatic transmissions as a sign of being a grown up individual has evolved over the time. What is cool now includes drifting in an automatic transmission while having a good chat with friends or having a cup of coffee from drive-thru cafes instead of being tensed about operating everything manually.

3. Technological Innovation Is Great

Automatic transmissions have evolved as a modern marvel which is taken for granted by many people. It was initially developed by the General Motors in 1930s while it was ‘battle-tested’ in tanks of American army during the period of World War II. It was one of the greatest sensations of that time and with increasing popularity, it was debuted for masses in 1940 Oldsmobile Hydra-Matic. According to a legend, the pamphlet included only three directions:

Start engine

Select the direction

Step on gas

Though giving their due importance to past technologies is important, innovation in this particular field has completely changed the manner of driving.

4. Driving An Automatic Gives More Choices

While there is a surge in the popularity of stick shift, automatic transmissions literally dominate the car market of U.S.A. an article from USA Today back in the year 2012 reported that only 19% of new vehicles launching in the market provided standard transmissions. So if somebody is planning to buy a new car, should not fall for the stereotypes about speed and mpg (which were true initially). The average fuel economy of automatics is not actually as deficient as once was. While the difference in gas mileage is very negligible, manual transmissions aren’t always faster also.

5. Driving An Automatic Is A Luxury; In Europe At Least

Statistics show that the rents for automatic cars sometimes can be double the amount when compared to their manual counterparts in Europe. The statistics give out impression that automatic transmissions are now considered as a luxury item.

Though the advancement in this regard is mostly welcomed by many but some people still have their concerns and reservations. Most of them include people who have been driving since a long time and are used to of manuals therefore simply do not wish to upgrade.