4 Timeless Gold Jewelry Trends To Look Out For

No matter what kind of style a woman carries, when it comes to gold, everyone loves it. Though women with different choices may like different styles and fashion in gold jewelry, but basic likeness towards the precious jewelry remains constant.

Every season brings some bold and new trends in gold jewelry, but as much as some women love collecting pieces of latest and trendiest gold jewelry items, some prefer sticking to classical designs that are evergreen and will never get too out-fashioned to wear.

In certain cultures, especially those in South East Asia, gold jewelry is a must-have accessory for women. So in order to provide an update about the recent most and evergreen trends in gold jewelry, the following are a few trends that all women should look out for:

1. Stranded/layered neckpieces

The multi-stranded necklaces are simple yet a great way of showing off a slightly classical flavor in the festive ensembles. The best thing about layered neckpieces is that it saves the hassle of layering up different neckpieces for matching with the outfit, especially when a single neckpiece is of a good design. There is a huge variety of layered or stranded neckpieces available in the market ranging from casual to fancy within different prices ranges.

2. Intricate Chokers

Though most women in South East Asia prefer wearing traditional looking jewelry items but if somebody has an eye on latest jewelry trends of the West, they can opt for the trendier neckpieces called as chokers. Chokers are nothing new in the world of jewelry fashion and have always been a first choice of many women across the globe. These neckpieces are available in a huge variety and include various beautifully sculpted and elaborated designs encrusted with high quality gems for formal events whereas if somebody is looking for the casual counterparts, they also have a good variety of gold chokers having minimal detailing to choose according to their taste.

3. Tribal inspirations

The tribal inspired jewelry, especially in gold has always been successful in capturing a distinct and wild spirit through eclectic designs. So, if somebody is bored of the typical gold jewelry designs and is all up for an experiment, then tribal inspired gold jewelry is just the right choice to make. These jewelry items will add an element of diversity to the complete look especially when somebody wants to stand out from the crowd at special occasions.

4. Polki Designs

Comparatively an older design, has recently been revived with much elegance and is now become a part of a must-have traditional jewelry especially for South East Asian brides. The polka designs, back in style since past few years, are now here to stay. Nothing else can compete with the beautiful white beads combined with gold in multiple layered or choker style neckpieces. Most of the polka designs are ideal for traditional and formal clothing but certain designs can also be adorned with casual and western kind of dressing.

Regardless of the design, gold jewelry is timeless in all shapes and kinds. The best quality of gold jewelry is that it is never specific to one outfit only, due to diversity in designs and combination of different gems and stones, gold jewelry can appeal women will all kinds of taste and preferences.