3 Ways That You Can Relate Yourself With An Olympian

It is quite an easy thing to idolize the Olympians. After all, Olympians are some of the fastest, strongest, and hard-working athletes on the earth. It is just for a few weeks in every 4 years that they get to display their potential and shine into the spotlight for the distinctive abilities. With all the medal-awarding and praise that they get, though, people generally tend to easily forget that they Olympic athletes are also people just like all of us basically.

As for the further proof that the Olympians are just like others, following are three ways in which everybody can relate themselves with Olympians:

Olympians Eat Fast Food

While it is not recommended for anybody to follow the Michael Phelp’s twelve thousand calorie/day training diet, it is nice to find out that the Olympians indulge in their food cravings too. Phelps has, on various occasions, told that he enjoys eating pizza, Sour Patch Kids candy and chips. Shaun White, the Winter Olympian, regularly eats Chinese food, whereas another famous Olympian Lolo Jones loves ordering double bacon cheeseburger from McDonald’s. All these athletes train very hard for the amount of calories that they consume and to stay fit. However, it is good to know that they would not turn away from the junk food if somebody offers them.

Olympians are addicted to their cellphones

Just like every other regular person, the Olympians also use their smart phones as addictively as rest of the people in this world. The swimmer Ryan Lochte and Gymnast Gabby Douglas are often seen posting on Snapchat whereas Morolake Akinosun is several times seen engaged with Instagram following. Ehilr press relations professionals and sponsors may tweak the official releases, Olympic athletes can also show their authentic side of personality through social media and smart phones. Social media is not the only way in which they are similar though. All thanks to Samsung for gifting the limited edition phones to the Olympic athletes, the Olympians are not missing out on Pokemon Go fun during their stay in Rio as well. While the Olympian athletes may not get enough time to stalk somebody on Facebook ot any other social media platform like an average person, they do need their smart phones to fell complete too.

Olympians, eventually, have normal careers

More so than any other work path, the elite athletes require a Plan B regarding their future careers. Even barring an injury, athletes often hit the peak of their athletic careers earlier than others in life and therefore require a fallback plan. The next step sometimes is as unique as practicing law just like Elise Laverick Sherwell, former Olympic rower, or like the retired Brazilian soccer player, Denilson who turned into a professional poker player. Sometimes time Olympic athletes land coaching or speaking engagements in their respective sports field.

Though most of the people around have no experience and no idea about Olympic sports like precision shooting or boat rowing, but they have a lot more in common with them than they realize.