The First Ever Presidential Endorsement Of Hilary Clinton

RENO, NV - AUGUST 25: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign even at Truckee Meadows Community College on August 25, 2016 in Reno, Nevada. Hillary Clinton delivered a speech about republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's policies. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

When it comes to elections we will see the media channels, newspapers and magazines covering all sort of presidential news. They will be right behind the election candidates to grasp the most about their lives but it has happened for the first time when Hilary Clinton was endorsed by Foreign Policy.

Nearly half the century has passed away and the editors at the Foreign Policy had never given a public approval to any political candidate but this time they broke their tradition and went ahead with endorsing Hilary Clinton. According to them, have the right to protect their readers from all forms of threat and considers Donald Trump dangerous for United States. They do not support Donald Trump in any way to pose for the president of United States and hence have endorsed Hilary Clinton.

Trumping ending up as a president will not only be a disaster for United States but for also create problems for the international economy, America’s allies and global security. He does not have the capability to handle a country while having a racist and arrogant attitude. He is inexperience to be selected as the position of president of a country. He can be already seen changing visa policies and banning certain people from entering the country. America takes pride in being home to people from all walks of life and how can we let Trump snatch that quality of ours because of racist attitude. He has also being caught mistreating women and once again proves to be misfit as the president of America.

Despite all these reasons it has come to a shock that Donald Trump is a major party’s candidate posing as the president. How can his party members even support him for all the acts of indecency and racism he has shown several time.

Trump was an encouragement to terrorists because of fear mongering, hateful speech towards the Muslim community in America. If he takes any action against America’s Pacific trading partners it can turn into a disaster for the world economy and can also violate America’s legal obligations. Moreover, Trump has denied the science of climate change and its dangerous reality. He promoted a delusional and a narcissistic view of the entire world in which he believed that through his decisions he can make world a better place. This means that he will remake the treaties which he according to him is not right. Thus proposing further danger if he gets elected as the president.

Donald Trump disrespected the U.S military by denying their leadership and services and the sacrifices made by the U.S army and their families. He also ridiculed the intelligence community so what further can you expect from a man as such. Some of the most popular Republican national security and foreign policy experts have publicly rejected him.

It has been observed that no credible GOP foreign policy advisor has become a part of him team. Hence with all the evidences it can be guaranteed that Hilary Clinton is a quality candidate who can unquestionably lead United States.