Chinese Billionaire Sends 6400 Employees On A Luxury French Holiday

All of us dreams of a boss who will fulfill our wishes but not everyone is blessed with one. It can be seen that these 6400 employees at a Chinese company had the best time of their lives because of their boss who paid for their trip to France.

Tiens is a Chinese organization, a multi-national conglomerate which mainly functions in biotechnology, finance, property, logistics, retail, international trade, education, e-business and tourism. Tiens was founded in 1995 by Mr Li Jinyuan and he is now 57 years old. About 10 000 employees work in this company and the revenues generated by this company went up to $1.5 billion in 2016. Li was listed as a billionaire on the Forbes rich list in the year 2011.

Tiens Group celebrated its 20th birthday by sending off its 6400 employees to an all-expense paid trip to France. As reported by a French news agency, Agence France-Presse, the tour comprised of 4 days during which the employees were provided a private tour of the Louvre Museum. From there they had headed to Eiffel Tower and other popular attractions. Along with that, they were also given a private shopping time at a luxury department store known as Galeries Lafayette.

After the group had spent 2 days in Paris, they went to Nice where they also made a Guinness World Record for making the largest human sentence, ‘Tiens’ dream is nice in the cote d’azur.’ The staff of Tiens Group had lined up on the waterfront called Promenade des Anglais to spell out all the words of the sentence.

Out of the 6400 visitors, 5400 had arrived from China, whereas the rest of the tourists had arrived from Russia and Kenya. A local media also reported that the company booked rooms in 140 hotels and the total number of rooms booked was 4760. The accommodation comprised of three or four-star hotels. Moreover, 146 tour buses were utilized for the tour of France by the company employees.

“We have mobilized public services as well as the tourism professionals, hotels, restaurants, shops and designer brands,” Christian Mantel who is the head of French tourism development agency informed AFP.

Furthermore, Mantel also reported that the group will spend approximately fifteen million dollars (this figure excludes the shopping) during their trip in the France which will gather up to make an economic profit of twenty million dollars. cake delivery in Lahore This is not the first time that a Chinese company had organized such a huge overseas’ tour since one year ago, a group consisting of 7000 people spent their vacation in the US in order to celebrate their 35th anniversary of Sino-U.S diplomatic ties.

Chinese tourists are usually known as those tourists who spend the most during their tours, an average of seven thousand two hundred dollars are spent by Chinese people during their holidays. This means that more record breaking news awaits from the Chinese population.