Ways In Which American Airlines Bankruptcy Will Affect You

Since American Airlines have filed for bankruptcy its customers are wondering of the effects it will have on their travelling experience. Being the last of the airlines to file for bankruptcy the customers of American Airlines have come up with various questions to which a single answer is that their experience of travelling on the airline will remain the same but it can go down the drain as time passes.

We have tried our best to answer some of the questions that people have raised.

What will happen to the customers’ frequent flyer miles?

American Airlines may revise the rules of frequent flyer miles without giving any prior notice to their customers. It would be better if their customers keep a keen eye on their loyalty program’s terms and conditions. Though in an email sent to AAdvantage members the airlines stated, ‘Miles you have earned are yours and will stay yours, subject to the usual policies, until you choose to redeem. Your elite qualifying miles and your elite status, including lifetime status granted under the Million Miler programs, is secure and remains intact.’ They also stated that their customers will earn miles from their partnership businesses which include Citi AAdvantage credit cards just like before.

Tim Winship wrote in a blog post on that if American Airlines get liquidated then members of this program will find themselves and their miles being transferred to another program. He pointed out to an incident dated back to 1991, that when Eastern Air Lines had liquidated its miles were honoured to Continental Airlines program.  However, according to the analysts the American Airlines are still not headed to this direction.

Will there be a cut in services?

Whenever an airline got bankrupted in history there was always a cut in their services. Some of the destinations were omitted hence American Airlines customers must be expecting that after sometime. Routes that don’t bring in a lot revenues to the airlines are usually exited so that capital can be used for more profitable destinations. Those passengers who are travelling to places and will remain there for 6 months or more should have a check on their reservations.

American Airlines may also team up with another airline to take on those routes that they cannot continue with. If that happens then their customers might give a second thought of booking their tickets with American Airlines. custom logo design services company You cannot expect to get the same level of service in a different airline.

What will happen to the future flights?

If the customers are planning to purchase a ticket to travel later in the year then they shouldn’t be too worried. The airlines parent company AMR Corporation had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection which allows them to operate while they reorganize. Many major airlines had sorted for bankruptcy and were able to remain in business and this must be the case with American Airlines as well.

All these changes are many months away hence nothing can be said to be true. The best would be that the American Airlines customers stay up to date with all the news revolving about the airlines.