What you should know about fixing your automobile

Those who own a car would agree that only if they know a little about how their car functions then they can easily fix the small issues and don’t have to rush to the mechanic every time they feel that something is amiss with their automobile.

Normally people buy cars initially for 2 reasons; one, as a luxury because they already own a car or two, as a need because they are tired of following bus schedules and taking rides from others. However, car problems can be really nerve wrecking if you don’t pay them the initial attention needed. Follow the guide below and make sure that your car is in good shape.


Always carry a battery charger with you. Buy one and learn it’s simple use once so that you don’t face dead batteries or stuck at a place. With a battery charger in trunk you won’t have to face these issues.


Prevention is better than cure applies here as well because cure takes away your money and might require changing the original parts of the car. So whenever you go to the mechanic ask him about all the problems you face and get answers about why they happen in the first place and follow their instructions to avoid those as much as possible.


Keep a check on radiator fluid. After running the car for a while, when it is turned off check the radiator fluid with a stick or something and add coolant mixed with water whenever needed. Remember, never open radiator when car is running.


Proper knowledge about your car can save your trips to mechanic as you can fix it yourself too. If your car has a record (that is a repair record or a maintenance record, then keep your documents in glove compartment as they might come handy when you go to a mechanic shop.


Mechanic surveys are important too. Try to find a mechanic with a good reputation either recommended by a friend or having a good rating remember not all big mechanic shops are necessarily good and they could expensive too so a garage in your locality with good name could do the same work in less money. And yes before paying the mechanic always take a test drive to ensure everything is how it should be.


Don’t get robbed by having expensive repairs when you can do them yourself but make sure you have some assistance in case of any emergency, also don’t do too much repairing on your own. You should always keep a tool bag with essential tools in case of an emergency such as screw drivers, hydraulic jacks with strong support, nuts and bolts etc.


Having your own car is a luxury but avoid sudden mishaps it is necessary that you look after it because the more you pamper it the longer it is going to stay with you and wouldn’t randomly ditch you when you are road off to a trip or an important meeting.